Design is a powerful conduit for change. As the messages, artifacts and experiences we create pass through the hands, minds, and hearts of people, we have an opportunity to weave sustainability into the broader fabric of culture and to shift consumption and lifestyle aspirations to a more sustainable basis for living.
In order for individuals, societies, economies and the planet to flourish, we must support environmental responsibility, social equity, economic health, and cultural vitality and recognize that they are inextricably linked. The confluence of these four streams is the key to sustainable design.

The Need

As one of the defining ideas of the 21st century, sustainability holds tremendous possibilities for the creative community, its business partners and society. And while 87% of recently surveyed AIGA members view sustainability as a top priority, many of them confess they are ill-equipped to apply its principles effectively.

 Sustainability is complicated. The decentralized nature of resources, the complexities of the issues and the lack of filtering for how they relate to design appear to be the main barriers for turning motivation into action.

Join AIGA Santa Barbara and the AIGA Center for Sustainable Design (CFSD) – The Living Principles for Design for an aspirational and actionable framework that provides designers and their clients with a common understanding of the core facets of sustainability and enables them to take action.

Please visit The Living Principles for more information on the AIGA’s sustainability efforts.